Only a few hours before new year; a time for new resolutions, challenges and questioning.

We will need to make tough decisions, be sharp and navigate through complex situations – in those times we will need to be mentally strong.

Take positive actions, manage your emotions, adjust your thinking – like mental strength it does not just happen. It has to be trained and developed daily.

Here are some tips to be mentally stronger:

Embrace adversity

We all know that we will encounter troubles and obstacles in the coming year – mental strength will be a tool to understand and overcome those by understanding that it is not a dead end, only a path to more knowledge and understanding of our situation

Challenge yourself

How will you be able to overcome challenges, if you do not accept to put yourself there for a change? You should not underestimate your capabilities, it is the best way to hold you back from success.

Focus on the moment

 Once you have identified your challenge, don’t run away from it. Don’t push it off. Don’t think that you can’t. Take it one step at the time, step out of your comfort zone and own this challenge. Your feelings of accomplishment will only be a boost for the next one

Exercise your thinking

If you haven’t done it before, you will suffer the first time! Try to run a marathon without any training, it will be the same feeling if you try to push yourself without having done if before.

Start with small wins, sustainable achievements that you witness every day, try to do something daily that you won’t have done before.

Be positive, always

Control yourself, and embrace your life. I can’t tell you enough how much this one is hard for a pessimist like me! But there are no secrets: wake up, put on a smile and tackle anything coming your way with positivity.

A little tip: surround yourself with people having the ability to bring joy t the table – and be there wearing your smile to give them inspiration to continue.

Fear is not an enemy, it is your fuel

Replace fear by faith. In yourself, in others, in nature or anything making you believe that anything you want to do is possible

Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm

Winston Churchill

 You are only proving things to yourself

Don’t wait for people to congratulate you, or for a pat in the back at the good job that you did. You are your own audience in this fight: improve, grow and achieve things your own way.

Positivity attracts positive things

Get rid of negatives sentences in your vocabulary! If you think positive, positive things will happen to you…because you allow them to come to you.

Your mind is your best weapon in this fight.

Be ready for kickbacks

You can’t run from adversity, but you will be prepared.

Your mind is getting stronger every day with happy thoughts and small attentions to yourself. Take care of yourself, and your mind will reward you.

Be grateful daily

You have started the biggest journey of your life, and it shall never end. Turn back and remember how far you have come. Give yourself credit in the day-to-day and help others embrace this journey as well.

You have your own motivation techniques or you have been able to overcome situations with other techniques?
Share your thoughts!

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